Our Story

 It was during a yoga class when the lightbulb in her mind started twinkling.
Practice that morning had felt fluid yet focused. Sinking silently into Savasana her mind floated through the spaces yoga had allowed her to create and an idea blossomed and flowed forth as effortlessly as water in a stream...
Move your beautiful body.  Find your state of Flow.  Watch your world grow.

Flow was born at that moment and is the passion project of Australian Designer, Kylie Morris.

Kylie stares at camera in front of Balinese Stone temple
We wish women to flourish, to be comfortable in their own skins and hope that they can rejoice in the masterpieces that are their bodies. Each garment represents an intention to the wearer, a colourful reminder that their bodies are intricate and astounding artworks and should be respected, cherished...and moved. Moved in graceful, awkward, funny, challenging ways and stretched into postures that embolden each of our hearts and minds to grow. Our intention is to encourage every beauty(full) body to move and Flow.
 Flows' clothing becomes a worn mantra for moving through life with joy, grace, strength and confidenceDesign themes are drawn from Nature, Philosophies of Yoga & Travel, and revel in vibrant colours and textures. Holding dear to values of playful optimism sprinkled with kindness and patienceFlow is an embodiment of all the good Kylie desires to give back to the world.
Hers is a hands-on approach, with every legging and crop top garment being personally printed and hand cut before being handed over to the skilful hands of a young, Brisbane based manufacturing company.
After her namesake, Flow is continually moving and flowing and growing. From her very humble beginnings, it is a label that is proud to support small, ethical manufacture both in Australia and overseas. Kylie's head is ever bursting with new design and product ideas and Flow looks forward to the journey over the coming years as she continues to evolve.
Attitude of Gratitude to you all for coming along for the ride...for going with the Flow.  
Kylie xxoo