Hello daring Flow friends,

I hope this finds you happy and well, today I am offering you my humble life experiences with, and study of, the root chakra.

Shining the light of awareness on how it manifests in our psychology, physiology and energetics.

The study of the chakras are ages old, with many interpretations, so it is my wish to offer you my take, in the hope that you learn to interact with these magical energetic centres in a new, practical and curious way.

I think the biggest light bulb moment for me when trying to understand the chakras, was that they come in and out balance of all day long, so we don't need to stress that its something we need to work on for a life time, to obtain perfect harmony and alignment, instead it can be something we can regulate right now when we feel the symptoms.

Chakras are like building blocks essentially, starting at the base, representing our basic human needs and desires, then evolving all the way up to our connection with the divine.

But I'm jumping way ahead, so lets start with the beautiful and powerful Muladhara, which means 'root' and 'support' in Sanskrit.

Kylie g​​rounded and peaceful

"Grounded, centred, strong and safe"

-Governing wisdom of root chakra


The root chakra is the first chakra in the body’s chakra system. This chakra is all about earth energy, which makes sense that when it is balanced it is associated with the feeling of being grounded, safe and secure.

It is located at the base of the spine, and its extensions are the legs and feet, interestingly this chakra is being formed from birth - 3 years old, and it lays the foundation for our sense of self, so if we had a rocky start to life, where our basic need were not being meet, this is where we need to start our self discovery journey, by creating the loving and safe home we deserve, building a healthy relationship with money, trusting we are enough, and knowing we are strong and capable to stand on our own two feet, which is what the chakra is calling you do.

This chakra is also influenced by kidney meridian, and when kidney energy is out of balance it is represented by the the emotion of fear, and is directly related to our fight our flight response, so be mindful of your reactions.

One of quickest ways to let go of fear is to get barefoot on the earth, move your body, and take a few deep breathes, face your fears by deconstructing them, often our worst fears are forecasts of future events that haven't happened yet, and they stay on repeat until we dispel them, try your best to let it go, journaling is also very helpful, so that the suffering doesn't consume the present moment, allowing us to live more fully.

Root Chakra also governs the functioning of the lower part of the body, including the lower back, lower spine, and bladder and colon.

Physically we have all felt root chakra swing out of balance when we travel, because it rules your survival instincts and our sense of home and security, often we find our self backed up or the opposite, which is never great while traveling....

"The tree with strong roots laughs at the storms"

-Malay proverb

Carol rech​​arging in nature


We often see the chakras represented by colours, there is some conjecture that perhaps this is a modern introduction, but traditionally the yantra or mandala that symbolize the root chakra was often depicted as a deep blood red or pink.

Traditionally red represents strength and vitality, and is said to stimulate a person’s instinctual tendencies.

According to energy healers, the root chakra may sometimes be associated with the colours grey, black, and brown as well.

Interesting Fact time- Red is the slowest wave length in the visible spectrum, and it actually pulls the retina forward so that your eye is able to focus more fully on the colour! our amazing bodies are so equipped for survival?!

Balancing tips for root chakra

1. Visualizing red during meditation

Coming into a seated position, and closing the eyes is a sure fire way of reducing stress in the nervous system, start with a simple meditation, imagining a glowing bright red light at the base of your tailbone, and then visualize this red light traveling down your legs and feet, grounding you to the earth. 

Journaling your mediation experience is very helpful.

2. Get on your yoga mat

Many yoga postures are designed to balance and ground root chakra. My person favourite is tree pose, but all standing poses forge a sense of purpose courage and security, yoga is pure magic for shifting stuck energy.

3. Get out in nature

Take off your shoes and mindfully concentrate on grounding and connecting with the earth again. You’ll give your mind a break and help to balance root chakra at the same time.

4. Spring clean your home

Feel a sense of accomplishment and pride by sprucing up your home, and clearing old energy.

5. Get a pedicure

I'm throwing this one in for fun, but it makes sense to care for your feet, as they are the most earth bound part of your body, and self care is self love, so go for it!

Sending much love and blessing, till next we meet.

Hollie x

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