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Let's dive a little deeper today into a subject that can feel quite taboo. Yoga is a vast and deep ocean that we swim in, sometimes we can feel swamped with emotion and memories that surface when we least expect it.

You may be among the countless students that I have had the privilege to hold space for over my years as a yoga teacher, you have bounced into the yoga room, bright and bubbly ready to move your beautiful body... then all of a sudden there is a knot in your throat, and tears are flowing down your checks after the first hip opener.

Lovingly embrace your yoga experiences
Lovingly embrace your yoga experiences​​

"The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body"

Yoga has such profound healing potential, if we just surreneder to the process of letting go.

Yoga is a funny thing, as we work with the physical body by calming the nervous system, we are subconsciously beginning to unpack our stored emotions, and often the experience of trauma, big and small can resurface. 

Trauma is a prickly beast to say the least, when we experience an injury on any level big or small, we begin our journey though the healing process, we can get through the darkness into the light on the other side if we allow ourselves the opportunity to process what is happening in that present moment, allowing the raw emotions to surface and be fully felt, this is the surrendering and the letting go that we as teachers are encouraging you to embrace.

Why these feeling and memories surface is that in the moment that we were hurt, we most likely shut down the healing process because it hurt too much at the time, perhaps it was too confusing or confronting, or we were simply not allowed the opportunity to process at all. While that imprint of the experience remains locked in our tissues and in our psyche, waiting to be released and resolved.

*If you would like to dive a little deeper on the topic I can recommend as amazing book called The body keeps the score

Yoga gives us the opportunity to review and to see things from a fresh view point, and the opportunity to process with our contemporary intelligence, and an open loving heart.

If we have allow ourselves to go through the healing process and trust our ability to transform the pain into wisdom, we can begin to heal that part of our life experience. Closing the door to the hurt that once resided in the shadows.

" The wound is the place where the light gets in"

~ Rumi

Pigeon is often where emotions surface
Pigeon is often where emotions surface​​

How do we allow the process of healing to happen in our yoga practice??

My humble advice to you, is to simply acknowledge what surfaces in your yoga practice, accept what has surfaced without trying to push it away or squish it down.

Allow the wisdom of your healing to unfold, you deserve the peace that comes for letting go, ultimately this results in new space in the body, mind and spirt.

The biggest challenge is we hold onto things for too long, this pain we carry takes up so much valuable space in our lives, please let your experiences on your yoga mat be your opportunity to finally process and let go of what has been weighing you down.

Let that which you release, give you new space, and be willing to allow the next thing, and then next thing, and the next thing to arise and be processed until there is just spaciousness and freedom, yoga is a reflection of life, life is journey home my friends, so please keep your heart and mind open, let your yoga practice be a powerful part of your growth, healing and evolution.

With love and blessings, till next we meet.

Hollie x

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