The story of Snow and Stella

This is a family story about my great uncle Snow, the details have been embellished, but according to his memoir, he absolutely meet a healer in the Egyptian desert in World War II, who irrevocably shaped the course his life. 

I remember Snow as a beautiful milky eyed healer, that played an important role in my life as a teenager in particular.

I have such fond memories that I have named my son after my magical uncle Snow.

I hope you enjoy x

Simple pleasures

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."


Snows love story

Amidst the turmoil of the 1940s, a young man named Trevor, affectionately known as Snow due to his distinctive white-blond hair, found himself drawn into  the vibrant city of Auckland, from his far north home town. 

The world was engulfed in the throes of war, and amidst the chaos, Snows life took an unexpected turn as he crossed paths with a captivating young woman named Stella.

Snow, at the tender age of 20, stood on the cusp of adulthood with a sense of adventure burning brightly within him. 

His unruly mop of white-blond hair and pale blue eyes exuded a mix of curiosity and determination to live full of depth and meaning.

Born into a modest family, he had a tenacity that was forged through his years of helping his father on their family farm, long days spent mending fences and tending to their cattle. But it was his empathy and kindness that set him apart.

Auckland in the 1940s was a city brimming with life and energy, despite the looming shadows of war. The streets were alive with the sounds of jazz music emanating from corner cafes, and young couples danced under the dim glow of street lamps. The war had brought about an air of uncertainty, but it also fuelled a sense of camaraderie and unity among the people of the city.

It was on a particularly lively evening at the city's famed Wintergarden Dance Hall that Snows life took a transformative turn.

Dressed in his best suit, Snow stepped into a world of twirling skirts and polished shoes, and it was amidst this whirlwind of movement that his eyes met Stella's. 

With her auburn hair cascading in waves and a smile that could light up even the darkest corners of the room, Stella seemed to embody the very essence of hope.

As fate would have it, Snow and Stella's paths collided on the dance floor. Their initial conversation was awkward yet endearing, as they stumbled through stories of their aspirations and dreams amidst the backdrop of war. 

Stella's vivacious spirit and Snows earnest charm, immediately formed an unbreakable connection that would help them weather the stormy times ahead.

Stella, a woman of remarkable grace and creativity, found herself in the heart of Auckland's bustling fashion scene. 

She worked diligently as a milliner for the esteemed Smith & Cohoe, a renowned establishment known for crafting exquisite headwear that adorned the heads of New Zealand's most fashionable women. Stella's nimble fingers brought to life the visions of designers, her creations adding a touch of elegance to the lives of those who wore them.

Stella's days were a whirlwind of colours, fabrics, and delicate details. She meticulously shaped and adorned each hat, pouring her heart and soul into her craft. From feathered fascinators to wide-brimmed sun hats, Stella's creations were coveted by the city's elite. Her work at Smith & Cohoe was not just a job; it was a form of artistic expression that allowed her to weave dreams from thread and fabric.

In the months that followed, Snow found himself captivated by Stella's presence. They would steal moments together in secluded parks and bustling cafes, their conversations ranging from light hearted banter to the weightier matters of the world. Stella's unwavering support bolstered Snow determination, and together, they faced the tumultuous times with a sense of optimism that defied the surrounding chaos.

However, patriotic duty called, and Snows adventurous spirit led him to answer its summons. 

The war demanded his service, and he found himself enlisted and stationed in the scorching deserts of Egypt.

As a driver responsible for transporting vital supplies through the unforgiving terrain, he navigated treacherous paths and endured the blistering heat.

The desert nights provided a respite from the gruelling days, and Snow often sought refuge beneath the starlit sky. It was during one such night that he experienced a mystical encounter that would forever alter the course of his life.

As he lay beneath the celestial canopy, the universe seemed to embrace him, whispering secrets that transcended understanding. In this transcendent state, Snow felt a connection to an enigmatic force that from that point on, he referred to as "He Who Has No Name."

The experience left Snow with a profound sense of purpose, a belief that he was connected to something greater than himself. This newfound perspective infused his actions with a sense of clarity and determination as he continued his duties in the desert.

Amidst his travels, Snow meet a local sheep  herder, in a remote village. Snow loved to explore the world he found himself in, and made friends wherever he went. He was sharing a meal with the herder and his family, when there was a commotion outside, to which they all raced out to see a man carrying a small boy, with and obviously broken leg.

The sheep herder, held the boys legs in his hands and the distressed child calmed, and when he removed his hands the legs looked perfectly intact?! 

Despite the language barrier, through gestures, drawings, and moments of silent contemplation, they exchanged insights that bridged the gap between their worlds, the herded was adamant that was not him who had healed the boy, but “he who had no name” 

Their shared experiences of the mystical and unknown allowed them to communicate on a deeper level, and Snow spend many weeks in the village with the herder and his family, and witnessed many miraculous acts.

As the war raged on, Snows  journey took a tragic turn when he was injured in a bomb strike, where he suffered major head injuries, which permanently damaged his eye sight, and after months of arduous recovery, and he was eventually discharged and returned to the familiar shores of New Zealand.

Upon his return, Snow  was met with a bittersweet reality, Stella, the love he had left behind, was now engaged to another.

The news was a crushing blow, and Snows resolve was tested as he grappled with the realization that the passage of time had altered the course of their lives.

Snows early family life was rooted in the plentiful farming town of Opononi, nestled in the far north of New Zealand, and he knew he needed time, and family to help him readjust to civilian life to mend his body and broken heart.

The rugged beauty of the land which served as the backdrop to his childhood, was also the balm for his spirit as he explored the rolling hills and pristine beaches. His father's gentle way with the animals, and his mother's nurturing presence created a warm and loving environment that had instilled in Snow a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the simple joys of life.

After long conversations with his parents about his lost love Stella, they convinced him that he needed make the trip back to the city, and find a way to get the love of his life back, so he when he felt fully healed, he returned to familiar streets of Auckland, but his heart was heavy with the uncertainty of what awaited him.

Determined to reclaim the love he had lost, Snow embarked on a mission to win back Stella's heart. Through a tearful reunion and heartfelt conversation, Stella agreed to spend the day with Snow.

As Snow set out on his determined journey to win Stella back, he knew he needed a grand gesture that would encapsulate the depth of his love and the sincerity of his intentions. He sought inspiration from their shared memories, their deep connection, and the vibrant city of Auckland itself.

With each brushstroke of his plan, he aimed to reignite the flame that had flickered between them.

One crisp autumn morning, Auckland was bathed in the soft glow of the rising sun, casting a warm hue over the city streets.

Snows heart beat with a mixture of anticipation and nervous excitement as he embarked on his mission. He had meticulously planned a day filled with nostalgia and surprises, aiming to sweep Stella off her feet and remind her of the love they had once shared.

Snow began by visiting the Wintergarden Dance Hall, the place where their paths had first crossed. He had arranged to have the dance floor reserved just for the two of them, adorned with candles that flickered like stars against the daylight. 

As Stella arrived, Snow stood at the centre of the dance floor, a bouquet of big yellow gerberas in his hand.

"May I have this dance?" he asked with a heartfelt smile.

Stella's eyes widened in surprise, a mixture of emotions flickering in her gaze. She hesitated for a moment before a soft smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "Of course," she replied, her voice carrying a trace of vulnerability.

They swayed to the music of an old jazz record, their steps guided by the memories of their past dances. As the sun continued to rise, Snow shared stories of their time together, laughter and wistfulness intermingling in the air. The dance hall, once a witness to their initial meeting, now bore witness to their rekindled connection.

After the dance, Snow  led Stella on a whimsical journey through the city streets. He had strategically placed notes at various landmarks that held special meaning to them. Each note contained a heartfelt message, a shared memory, or a piece of poetry that spoke to the depth of his feelings. As Stella read each note, her heart softened, and the walls she had built around herself began to crumble.

Their journey eventually led them to a picturesque park in the ground of the museum, overlooking the harbour, where a picnic awaited them. Snow had carefully prepared a spread of their favourite foods, the aroma of freshly baked bread sweet cured meats, and colourful fruits mingling in the air. As they savoured each bite, they reminisced about their past adventures and spoke of their hopes for the future.

As the sun began to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the horizon, Snow reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, intricately crafted box. He opened it to reveal a delicate art deco pendant, a swirling design reminiscent of the stars in the night sky. The pendant seemed to capture the essence of their shared connection.

"I want you to have this," Snow said softly, his gaze unwavering as he met Stella's eyes. 

"It's a reminder of the moments we've shared and the journey we've been on. Just like the stars, our love has endured through time and distance."

Stella's eyes glistened with unshed tears as she reached for the pendant, her fingers brushing against Snows as their hands intertwined. "It's beautiful," she whispered, her voice filled with emotion.

Snow smiled, his heart soaring as he knew he had taken a step closer to winning back Stella's heart. 

And before long the pendant became a symbol of their love, and Stella was again his, their powerful connection transcended the challenges they had faced and the uncertainties that lay ahead.

In the weeks that followed, Snow and Stella continued to nurture their rekindled relationship. Their shared experiences, the romantic gesture, and their unbreakable bond created a foundation of trust and understanding. As they navigated the complexities of life together, they found solace in the knowledge that their love was as enduring as the stars that had guided Snows  journey home.

They successfully rekindled the flame that had never truly dimmed.

Snows life took an unexpected turn when he serendipitously secured a job as a paper delivery boy at Middlemore hospital.

It was within the confines of this institution that he discovered he too had the remarkable gift for healing. His mere presence seemed to bring solace and comfort to those in pain, and tales of his transformative encounters spread throughout the hospital corridors.

Word of Snows abilities reached the ears of a renowned physician, who was intrigued by the young man's unique talents. Together, they embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery, seeking to understand the profound healing energies that flowed through Snow.

Snows abilities extended beyond simple soothing, he had a profound ability for mending broken bones and helping alleviate the suffering of cancer patients.

The physician, astounded by the results of Snows interventions, delved into studying the intricate mechanisms of his healing touch. Snows gentle yet powerful influence on the body's natural healing processes offered a glimmer of hope to those who had previously been trapped in the clutches of pain and despair.

As the years passed, Snows reputation as a healer grew, and he became a beloved figure in his community. His understanding of the universe's whispers, combined with the teachings of the healer from the desert village, allowed him to offer solace and hope to those in need. With Stella by his side, they built a beautiful life together, raising a family and nurturing the bonds that had sustained them through the years.

Snows story became a testament to the enduring power of love, the mysteries of the universe, and the extraordinary journey of a life well-lived. He lived well into his late 80s, a revered healer and wise sage, known for his wisdom, kindness, and miraculous abilities.

And so, the legacy of Snow, with the white-blond hair, and Stella, with a heart of gold, lived on—a story of love, healing, and the remarkable tapestry of a life intertwined with the mysteries of the universe. 

Their journey was a testament to the power of connection, the resilience of the human spirit, and the enduring hope that carries us through even the darkest of times, which has continued to resonate through the generations, a reminder that even amidst the chaos of war and the uncertainties of life, love and hope can prevail.

My great uncle Snow, left such and impression on me, especially as a teenager, where he viewed me as a protégée, and began to teach me some of his magical knowing's,  I wish with all my heart that I had the wisdom to have continued my studies with him.

My son his now his namesake, Harry Snow, a small tribute to a beautiful man, thank you for hearing my story.

Much love and blessings till next we meet.

Hollie x

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