Darling Flow friends,


I hope these words greet you today, with a heart and mind full of love and happiness.


What all these years of teaching has taught me, is that although we feel like we are doing life in an independent and unique way, there is a deep connection and consciousness that is governing everything, and what we are indeed experiencing on an individual level is often the same thread, running through others lives also.


As I greet people before class, I like to check in, a few simple probing questions that elude me to their energy levels, and what perhaps they need to take away from class, or more often than not, what they need to leave at the door.


It always amazes me, when everyone has the same injury, the same energy levels, or the same days experiences, and this has reinforced that we are absolutely intimately connected.


Today, I would like to discuss the ancient greeting/blessing/thanks giving, that is the elegant and deeply beautiful word, Namaste.


"The light in me bows to the light in you"


I like to clear my mind and allow the inspiration for this blog (and my most heart felt questions) to magically arrive in my mind, do you do this too? it is in the mindless tasks, that often the most clarity is delivered. 

Like today, while I'm racking the leaves in my back yard, bare feet on the earth, inspiration strikes, Namaste, talk about the blessing that we offer one another at the end of our practice.

This small token is such a sincere and reverent event, that we often just gloss over.

The light in me sees the light in you, Namaste.

We are all cut from the same universal cloth, the very fabric of consciousness is the same individual drop in the cosmic ocean. On a soul level we are all the same, we desire peace comfort and love, and it is from this place that we honour one another with our blessing of Namaste.

“I bow to the divinity within you, from the divinity within me, Namaste"


Love, light and blessing to all, Namaste.

When you next think that you are alone in what you are experiencing, look around with a fresh point of view, and keep Namaste in your heart, we are all just people living on this blue planet, orbiting around a ball of fire, going about our human lives forgetting that we are actually so blessed, to be soaking up the magic that sounds us, next time you catch someone eye, smile and think to yourself, or maybe even say out loud “Namaste” while truly embodying the blessing, “The blessed universe within me, honours the blessed universe with in you, Namaste”

With love and endless blessing friends, Namaste, from my heart to yours.

Hollie x

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