Hello darling Flow friends,

Sound is the thread of life that binds us all, it invites us to reminisce, it ignites joy and celebration, it calls us to prayer and contemplation.

In essence, music and sound vibrations have the ability to transport our consciousness, and when it is used with the intention to heal it is truly magical.

I have had the great privilege of chatting to the our favourite local Yogini, and absolute goddess Zangden Lhamo, about her sound healer journey, and the history of her Himalayan traditions. 

Beautiful Zangdon​​ 

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"


Below darling Zangdon chats to me about her chosen healing instruments

I have several different instrument's in my Sound Healing collection. It all started with one Large Singing Bowl I brought back for my husband as a gift from Rishikesh. 

I used it during my yoga classes and received such positive responses from my students.

They described how it made them feel very relaxed and calm, how it had healed their migraines and eased the pain in their bodies, it restored their energy when they felt depleted, the list went on and on!

On my next trip to Nepal I bought more bowls to add to the collection, during this time I studied Tibetan Buddhism, and connected here in Australia with Lama Tender, through him I learnt correct techniques for using the Bowls for Healing practices. 

The bowls are very ancient, and all the modern bowls that are hand made are created from recycled Singing Bowls.

These bowls have 7 precious metals Gold, Silver, Mercury, Lead, Copper, Tin, & Zinc.

The bowls work on the physical and subtle bodies through the vibrations produced as they are played, the vibrations enhance the existing resonance of the body, with the vibrations of the sounds of the bowls, this releases stuck, trapped and stagnant energy and assists energy to flow through the body. 

As the body is approximately 80% water sound travels faster through water than any other element, and this enables it to move throughout all parts of the body and down to the deepest level of the cells, this can actually be felt in a very real way by those receiving the sounds. 

My collection also contains Nepalese Gongs, Ocean Drum and Equilibrium Chimes. 

I also use voice in these sessions as the sound of human voice is the most powerful vibration to humans. 

All of the instruments work on the body the same way by producing different results depending on the listener, all my instruments are hand made in the traditional manner particular to North India and Nepal. 

Interesting fact....although the bowls are named Tibetan Singing Bowls, they actually originated in Nepal and North India.

Healing gong
Magical Tibetan singing bowls

How can we incorporate the healing of sound into our daily life?

There are beautiful benefits to owning a singing bowl for your own personal use.

The bowls are excellent energetic space clearers, so you can immediately clear the energy in your home by striking or playing a bowl, I particularly love the Tibetan Bowls as they are hand made in the ancient techniques.

Mantras are chanted as the bowls are made, mostly "Om mani padme hum" the buddhist mantra of compassion, so when the bowl is chimed the mantra is sent out like ripples of energy through time and space.

You can also meditate with the bowls and put intention into them, which also will then vibrate out into the Universe when played.

The bowls must be treated with respect and care, by being wrapped with soft natural cloth when no being used, not stacked into each other unless there is a cloth or paper between them, and also never put on a hard surface without their cushion. 

Bowls are known to die when they are mistreated, meaning they will sing discordant, or do not sing at all. 

These bowls are usually recycled into new bowls, as the fire used to melt and recreate removes all negativity and restores life to the new bowl. 

There is so much amazing information about Sound Healing and the many benefits. Click here for more about the history singing bowls

"Sound can heal the wounds that medicine can't touch"

Everyone can benefit from having at least one Tibetan Bowl in their home or Office.

The Bowls will synchronise with the owner and develop a beautiful connection that will enhance life.

Zangdon making magic

Experience Zangdon's gift as a sound healer

We feel so grateful to have Zangdon as such a treasured part of our Flow community, her wisdom and generosity is such a gift.

FYI Gold Coast friends, we would love to invite you to join us for our up coming celebrations here at Flow HQ, and experience a FREE sound shower with Zangdon on

9.30am 25th of June 2022.

You can also connect with Zangdon and check out her upcoming events and other incredible offerings by clicking here.

Sending love and blessings, till next we meet.

Hollie x

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