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Today we deep dive into the wonderful love filled heart chakra, also known as Anahata chakra in Sanskrit. We have all experienced that beautiful blossoming, all consuming, feeling of falling in love. And the utter ache of heart break. 

This my friends is the alchemy of the heart chakra. This energetic centre is easy to understand because we can relate through emotion, and sensation to this chakra, but the heart chakra is much more complex than just physical love.

Heart chakra is unique because we can actually feel the beating heart, and understand its purpose, where other chakras often are a little less easy to sense and relate to.

Heart chakra energy
Heart chakra ​​energy 

"God breaks the heart again and again until it remains open"

~Sufi mystic

Anotomy of the heart chakra

The heart chakra is located in same place as the physical heart, but it also involves the lungs, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. 

So lets think of it as everything we touch, feel and embrace should ideally be infused with the energy of loving kindness.

The element is air, which is also easy to remember with its close proximity to the heart.

The planet that represents the heart is Venus, again easy to remember as it is the planet of love. 

The deity that preside over the heart chakra is Hanuman, the monkey god, who is a favourite in the yogic pantheon, he is much loved for his greatest qualities, which are that he is loyal, loving and a wonderful friend, which comes easily when your heart energy is free flowing.

The word Anahata mean 'Un-stuck' 

The most important practice of the heart chakra is forgiveness, often the energy of the heart chakra is interpreted mainly as romantic love, but this more acutely relates to the second chakra.

The unconditional love of the heart, is more the love that we have for everyone and everything. When we practice unconditional love, we can stumble on our judgements and our past hurts, which jams us up, and slow or even stops our ability to trust and welcome love.

How do we activated our heart chakra and practice forgivness?

We heal and activate the heart chakra energy when we look at the world through the lens of unconditional love, and we see things as they are, things are just as they are, we cant argue with our regrets, these are just things that have happened, and are part of our life tapestry, there is nothing that needs to change, other than our whole heart offering forgives, because ultimately your heart deserves the peace that can only come from forgiveness.

Lets just accept what is, and with clarity we can begin to move forward. Acceptance lifts our vibration, letting go of the lower frequencies of resentment and judgement is one of the most powerful things we can do as spiritual practitioners.

A nice exercise is to sit in mediation with your left hand over your heart, and your right hand on top, taking long deep breathes, feeling into the pulse of life moving through you, allow yourself to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and unconditional love for your very existence.

When you feel deeply peaceful, summon into your minds eye one person you absolutely love, let go of the story of them, their human short falls, any hurts or judgements, just see them with eyes of unconditional love, and use the mantra "I love you for all that you are, thank you for your contribution to my life"

Do the same with two other people you love, and then finally pull into your mind someone that has hurt you, and use the same lens.... let go of the story of them, their human short falls any hurts or judgements, just see them with eyes of unconditional love, and use the mantra "I forgive you for all that you have done, thank you for your contribution to my life, I now forgive you, so my heart may heal" 

"Anahata means un-stuck, and teaches us to live life through the lens of love and forgiveness "

Let your heart shine
Let your heart shine​​

Opening the heart chakra thought yoga postures

Our bodies are always giving us clues to where energy is not flowing freely, so if you have tight shoulders or a stiff upper back, wrist or elbow tension, heart opening postures will help to activate and release tension in these areas, it can be as simple as linking your hand behind your back and raising them off your lower back until your feel that nice stretch, or just dropping your ear to your shoulder and giving your neck a little massage.

If you want to incorporate back bends such as camel pose, wheel, or dancing Shiva into your practice this will really get the good vibes flowing.

Unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness

These my friends are the corner stones of wisdom for the heart chakra, unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness will liberate you, give you clarity and allow your to step forward with lightness and grace, into a life filled with loving kindness.

All my love and blessing till next we meet.

Hollie x

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