Hello darling Flow friends,

Far out?! it's almost February can you believe it?! I personally feel like 2023 if a goodie so far, energetically from the 1st of January I had a fresh hit of gratitude, vitality and good vibes, how about you?

The beauty is that every day is a fresh start, every day is a chance to reset our trajectory for 2023 and beyond.

Today we review our hopes and dreams for 2023, and conduct an energy audit on what's working in our life currently, and what needs to shift so that we can be the most empowered, on point, amazing version of or souls expression.

Here we go :)

Life life well
Live laugh ​​love

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Lets rewind 4 weeks to the end of 2022, most of us just crawled over the new year line, as we rearranged our energies from a turbulent year, we had a pure heart as we made a vision for the future, and most likely scribed those vision into a diary, or planted our hopes and dreams into our minds eye.

Take the time to review that vision for 2023.

Is this vision still in alignment with your souls ambition? could it use a little more refining? sometime these hopes and dreams become achieved quickly, so maybe its time to forge a new resolution? change the goal posts a little perhaps? and sometimes your vision becomes redundant, as the winds of change blow through your life, so this can be the chance to make a fresh vision.


Reset your sails my friends, rewrite your vision for 2023 with crystal clear clarity and place it somewhere you will see it regularly.

Make theses hope and dreams, uplifting inspiring and time bound.

Be kind

Most importantly as you work towards your vision for 2023 be kind, be patient and persistent, the day we plant the seed is not the day we eat the fruit.

"Do more of what is already working for you"

Finding your flow is key to making head way in your efforts, take a moment to ponder on where you a sending your energy.


Health, Happiness, career, spirt, love

Its often said that we have 5 areas that we must maintain to keep our life's balance, are you expending all of your energy in just one or two areas perhaps? I've created this little energy audit below, which we can do every few months to make sure you are on track.

Rate how you are traveling in each area from 1-5 

1 = running on empty.

5 = full to the brim.

Health - Are you eating well? getting enough time outside? moving your body regularly? have you had all the health check ups you need, are you taking all the vitamins you require?? 

Happiness - Are you doing all the things that make you happy?? only you know your special happiness recipe, maybe its yoga, beach walks, creative pursuits, travel, reading, long baths??? 

Career - I say career loosely, you maybe at the point where you have retired, or you are knee deep in mumlife, so please look at this section through the lens of how are you are using your time to be productive, and your contribution to the greater good, are you feeling validation and satisfaction from how you are using your time?

Spirit - How are you feeding your soul, do you have regular spiritual rituals, such as lighting incense and giving thanks, do you practice yoga and mediation? do you surf or get out into nature as your way of communing with the divine? do you pray, or write in a journal?? how is your spiritual health currently?

Love - Again look at this in a broad view, love is a complex topic and in my opinion love is love, maybe you look at this section and ponder your romantic relationships, or perhaps the quality of the love in your friendships, the love expressed in your family or for your animals, what ever expressions of love you have in your life can you give more so you can receive more back perhaps?

Collate your score.

1-15 There are things that need to be balanced in all areas, so that you are able to feel more at peace in your relationships, and connected to spirit. Invest  more time in your self though nourishment of the body and soul, be aware of where you are haemorrhaging energy.

15- 20 Well done, you are letting good vibes flow into all areas, you feel a deep connection and joy for life most of the time, there is only a few things that stand out to improve, make these a priority in your 2023 vision.

20-25 Give thanks for your hard earned balance, 2023 is going to return the energy you have invested 10 fold.

Keep a record of you energy audit score, create a reminder in your phone or on a calendar, and review every season to make sure your are letting your energy flow into all areas, curating where and who you invest your precious energy in.

Dont worry be happy

As we move though 2023 we have a clear road map, but remember the destination is of course not certain, be flexible and consistent in your efforts, but ultimately it all rests in the lap of the gods, so worry less and live more, be kind as you move, flow and grow.

Wishing you every happiness for 2023 and always, till next we meet.


Hollie x

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