Introducing Flow

hello, darling flowians!

I’m so excited to be here as Flow's Resident Yogi offering my humble contribution to help you on your yoga and wellness journey. I hope this space can become a pause for you in the hustle and bustle of daily life and a space of learning and connection for us all.

"I have been a yoga teacher for almost 20 years now - long before there were beautiful leggings & bustling bright yoga studios."

Over my career, yoga has taken me teaching around the world. I have had the opportunity to work in the community in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, running classes for people with disabilities, a facilitator for pre/post natal yoga on teacher training and I also have other qualifications in Health Science, Yogic Philosophy, Thai Massage, Reformer and Mat Pilates, and Yin Yoga, so if you need any help or advice I’m your yogi!

Introducing Flow

My Flow Beginning

I have been teaching at Essence of Living on the Gold Coast for over 17 years now and this is how I first met our darling, humble Flow goddess Kylie -  the visionary behind FLOW YOGA WEAR - back in 2015.

Kylie had been coming to my classes regularly, and one day during Savasana she had the seed vision of creating beautiful & unique leggings.

" This was the inception point of the FLOW yoga wear brand that we see today gracing tens of thousands of luscious legs in Australia and around the world."

Introducing Flow
Introducing Flow

A few months later she came up to me after a class and nervously asked whether I would like to be one of the yogis in her first-ever photoshoot for Flow. I said YES!, of course, and the rest is history.

What's to come

My role here at Flow will be helping to create content that you want to see about things that you want to know about, and using my knowledge to make yoga and the use of all our beautiful yoga props safe and accessible for every body to use.

So please let us know what you would like to see or read about, maybe it’s a technical question around a certain yoga posture or philosophy or a deep dive into the historical use of incense! I am here to love and support you on your physical and spiritual journey.

Introducing Flow

Wishing you every happiness. Until next we meet...

Much love and thanks,

Hollie xxoo

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