Dear Flowians,

Here at Flow HQ today we’ve been musing about the relationship that we as women have with our bodies. It's a subject that is close to our hearts, as intellectually we know the importance self-love, and doing our best to disempower of the inner critic but, sadly we are all human and fall prey to the inundation of images and messaging that bombard our inner wisdom and self-compassion.

I’m about to bust a myth, and share very important information with you about how to get a yoga body…..

Step 1– Have a body

Step 2– Do Yoga

My love letter to you

This is essentially a love letter to all of you from the other side of the change room door.

In my initial role welcoming and helping you all in-store at our Bundall Yogawear Emporium I've met so many women over the last few months, and have guided, and watched you all as you have come in and out of the changeroom.

Through my eyes, I see beautiful women walking out of the change room in their new Flow garments looking utterly gorgeous. But for the woman behind the change room door, it is plainly clear that regardless of size, shape, or age, something else is in motion in your mind as you apologise for your body in 100 different inaccurate ways.

It seems that no matter how we look, our own image is never quite as we wish.

How to get a yoga body

How do you get a yoga body? please just love yourself, let this be a gentle reminder to you that there is no better time than this present moment to start loving yourself just as you are, it is said that comparison is the stealer of joy, and wow this is so true! 

We give so much attention on projecting our happiness into the future, and we miss the magic of now. I'll let you in on a little daily ritual I have, in the shower in the morning I thank the universe for my blessings, and once you start you'll be amazed how much there is to be grateful for, then I ask the waters to wash away the things that are causing me suffering, be really specific, as this then trains your subconscious mind to focus on what's important and what has been derailing you.

Can we make a pact now luscious ladies?

It is time to just love our bodies exactly as we are. After all, our bodies are just magnificent vehicles in which we experience this fragile yet miraculous human life!

If you are really struggling, try to speak to yourself as your best friend would, let's use our inner dialogue to build ourselves up, not beat ourselves down, when you start to judge yourself ask, is this true, is this kind and is this necessary?

Let’s try to let go of the unhelpful images we are surrounded by, that we subconsciously use as a gauge and realize that in this moment we are amazing, and perfect just as we are.

Let’s be our own kind of beautiful, the mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this path please walk in peace.

Wishing you every happiness, until we next meet...


Hollie x

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