Hello my darling Flow friends,

I for one, am so very happy that winter is beginning to decline, and the energy of spring is starting to rise, the winds are getting a little warmer, the air smells sweeter, and there is just so much joy in watching the wee buds on the trees slowly starting to emerge.

After the long introverted energy of winter, it feels so natural to want to emerge from our hibernation and stretch out physically and metaphorically.

Sam glowing
Sam glowing​​

"SPRING.... days of flowers blooming, birds singing, and the occasional walk in the rain, such a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be"


Can you feel spring calling you ?

When we look to nature for inspiration we see renewal all around us, leaves unfurling, snows beginning to thaw and the days feeling much longer. 

If we didn't understand the cycles of life, surely we would have seen winter as complete annihilation, but after the conservation of winter we are able to spring back to life with fresh optimism.

Advice for staying well in spring according to TCM

According to 5 Seasons acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Spring is considered the time of year when yang is increasing and it corresponds to the element of wood. This means that the spirit of growth and renewal is all around! Just as the trees and plants begin to reach toward the sky, it is a time for us too to release the dark and start anew. Spring is a perfect time for birthing plans and looking to the future. 

Spring is the best time of year to work on individual emotional progress and stage plans because the prominent organs during the spring are the Liver and Gallbladder. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions and blood in the body and is easily affected by long held emotions and stress. The Gallbladder is involved in planning, inspiration and decision making. When there are stored emotions or stagnation in the body, the Liver and Gallbladder take a hit. Moving the qi and blood in the body via exercise, breathwork and acupuncture treatments are the best tools to tend to your Liver and Gallbladder during the spring.

As the spring energy grows and we move more deeply into the season, observe how the shifts in the environment affect you. Move your body, eat seasonal foods, tune into your emotions and get outside!

"Every success, is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change"

Let spring be the cue to have a enormous clean out, not just your wardrobes and office desks but also the corridors of your mind, step into spring with a fresh point of view, a willingness to pivot where required to be your best you.

get out side
Soak up nature to improve your mood​​

A practical word of advice for spring

Keep a foot in both seasons, meaning its easy to be romanced by the sunshine and leave the house unprepared for the cool winds, keep your neck and chest in particular warm with a jumper or scarf.

Eat seasonally, including your warmer winter foods, but now the addition again of your favourite summer salads and juices.

Stay hydrated, still drinking your teas and broths, but also lots of alkalised water.

Increase your movement, make the time to exercise in the ways you in enjoy, a walk in the forest or on the beach, running, swimming, yoga or dancing, what every lights you up do more of that!

Book in for a facial or body scrub, and smooth away all that dull winter skin.

Set some new goals, and let go of the things that have been weighing you down.

Give back, call a friend and return the love, pay a coffee forward at your local coffee shop, donate your time or money to a worthy cause, be generous of heart and spirit.

Renew reset and grow

Wishing you all a happy and healthy spring, may your good vibes be over flowing in this last quarter of the year, keep your heart for of gratitude for all that you have, as you work towards all your hopes and dreams.

All my love and blessing, till next we meet.


Hollie x

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