Hello darling Flow friends,


Life is a funny thing, everything can feel so familiar and unchanging for long periods of time, and then whamo, life flips you upside down, what do you do??

You take a deep breathe my love, and realise this is your time to rewrite your life's story.

Please know at the very centre of yourself, there is an unchanging truth, life is forever shifting, changing and evolving, but the relationship with our deepest self, the self beyond the ego and worry, will keep you strong even in the most challenging times, and all we need to do to reconnect, is to slow down and check in, and we gain strength by nurturing this deep self, and feeding it the food of the soul.

This will help us to build our resilience, inspiration and motivation again, that way we can tackle the changes with more grace and faith.

Lets explore what soul food is.

I am grounded
I am grounded but I flow

"I am grounded but I flow"

~Kylie Morris

How to navigate change

C- Challenges are part of life, and falling apart is always optional. Yoga talks of feeling into what is present, acknowledging what you find in your mind and body, and then the trick is to not dwell or hold on too tight to what you find, and instead choose let go, by doing so we create space for new things to arise. 

H- Hope is our salvation, look beyond what is and instead to what could be, reset your sails in a new direction, start small, but have a great vision of what lies ahead in your heart.

A- Be Authentically you, you are loved and appreciated for you unique gifts and abilities, in your mind ask yourself, what are the 3 attributes that I love most about myself?? and make this your blueprint moving forward to live in harmony with those qualities.

N- No nonsense! what are your needs?? Who supports you the most?? make more time for those beautiful people. 

What are your non negotiables?? make your growth and wellbeing your 1# priority, and take no nonsense in the process.

G- Go for it! if you have been holding back on doing things that your heart has been calling you to do, just do it darling! let the world shift and reorder to support your needs and desires.

E- You are ENOUGH, have a vison for your future, while loving who you are right now, repeat after me…. I AM ENOUGH!

What is soul food?


Quiet is soul food

Travel is soul food

Music is soul food

Hugs are soul food

Nature is soul food

Writing is soul food

Sunlight is soul food

Reading is soul food

Learning is soul food

Laughter is soul food

Animals are soul food

Gratitude is soul food

Mediation is soul food

Movement is soul food

Breathwork is soul food

Community is soul food

Quality sleep is soul food

Nutritious food is soul food

Acts of kindness are soul food

Positive thoughts are soul food

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'"

~Audrey Hepburn

Change is the catalyst to growth

Let change be the catayst that reshapes what is possible

Consider this time of change, to be an opportunity to take the steps forward, that you have always been afraid to bring into motion, dear to dream of what could be, and set a heart felt plan into action, so that future you, will look back on this point in time with love, gratitude and admiration.

You are enough, you have got this beauty, I believe in you. 

With all my love and blessings, till next we meet.

Hollie x

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