Darling Flowians,

I have been musing away today, have you ever heard the quote “sometimes the only prayer you need is thank you??” 

I have used this simple wisdom as a Darma talk, and weaved the philosophy into classes through out my teaching career, and it’s never made more sense to me than right now.


"Sometimes the only prayer you need is thank you”


Gratitude, and love are said to be the highest vibrational emotions of all, so we can lift our vibration by sitting in the moment and giving thanks for all the things that are present here and now in our life, ultimately the more we feel grateful the more content we become.

Cultivating a life filled with gratitude can we as simple as noticing the simple blessing that are all around us, it's like building a muscle though working out, the more we use the power of sincere gratitude, the more it is in the forefront of our mind, keeping our heart open to giving and receiving love and thanks.

I’ve been using this prayer on repeat recently, it changes depending on the day but it always starts like this….

Dear divine universe, I’m so incredibly grateful for…… 

This wonderful body that carries my grateful soul.

I’m grateful for my peaceful mind.

I’m grateful for my full belly.

I’m grateful for the sunlight on my skin.

I’m grateful for my friendships near and far.

I’m grateful for my dear family, and I am extra grateful for their good health and happiness.

I’m grateful for this beautiful country that I call home.

I’m grateful for my prosperity and abundance.

I am so very grateful for my optimism, and my hopeful heart. 

Namaste 🙏🏼

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude enriches every facet of your life.

What would your gratitude prayer be today?

"Gratitude shifts our focus from lack into abundance"

When we start to live our life from a place of gratitude we help others to also see the blessings in their lives

Practicing contentment.

Never miss an opportunity to share your love, why wait till tomorrow to tell your family members all the reasons you love them, or send a message of thanks to your dearest friend, for all the years of being there for you. 

Another wonderful way to keep your gratitude cup overflowing is to keep a gratitude diary, so you can revisit the magical moments from your past when you need a pick me up in the present.

Sending love and blessings, until we next meet.

Hollie x

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