Dressing for the outdoors, going to work, going grocery shopping or catching up with friends can be taxing and time-consuming. There are many choices for clothing but one thing is for certain. We should be comfortable and feel amazing, no matter what we wear.

I don’t know about every one of you, but for me, jeans have become a foreign item on my body. All I’ve been wearing from my wardrobe are tights or baggy pyjama pants. The only issue is, I don’t feel great going places that are not my living room, wearing old and shapeless clothes. Getting into the habit again of ‘dressing’ for the outside world, I’ve been reaching for yoga pants instead and found it extremely fun to style my unique Flow Yoga Wear designs with otherwise boring clothes.

To get your inspiration going, here are 3 ways that I styled my leggings.

Idyll Grunge Street Babe

The punk girl in me loves these boots, especially for the occasional rainy day on the Gold Coast. The tight ankle fit works perfectly with the length of the legging to tuck it in. In order to break up the silhouette, I added a wide black shirt that ties in well with the dark background of the Idyll design. ‘Winter-days’ in Australia welcome layers, so why not add any jacket you might have. Now you’re ready to hit the town! 

Woman sitting on rocks with leather jacket and Idyll Legging

 legs close up in front of wall with boots


Green Soul Nature Lover

Everyday errands or simple self-care walks is something we all do. It’s just as important to feel beautiful then and to get out your amazing Green Soul legging. The white leg details just scream white top and accessories. I have this white crop top and off-white jumper for colder days that go perfectly with the Green Soul design. Any white sneakers you might have will tie the outfit together, I only have black Converse but definitely go with white Converse or Nike sneakers and some pearl earrings.

Woman in nature with Green Soul leggings

Close up Green Soul leggings and white top


Snow Owl Dancing Queen

It’s time to hit the club (or your lounge room) for a well-needed dance party. The Snow Owl legging is a head-turner when putting it into the spotlight with some black heels and cropped top. I paired the gorgeous Snow Owl design with my block heels that are easy to walk on but definitely give you the sexy-feeling you deserve. You can throw on a black cardigan and take it off when heating up from all your dancing - let’s get wild!

Woman in Snow Owl legging and high heels


Be whoever you want to be

I have learned over the years that having one style is very boring. If you feel like you want to dress up in your girliest clothes, do your hair and put on a face of makeup, DO IT. Other days you want to wear some sneakers, and oversized jumpers, DO IT. Any style, colour and types of clothing are welcome and valid for your beautiful body.


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